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About Us

ReviveFlow is a start-up medical device company with broad-based Intellectual Property filings for a proprietary, cerebrovascular Arterial/Venous Switch (A/V Switch).  The A/V Switch solution can be applied to both ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes.  This solution is based on treating acute stroke through cerebral blood flow reversal. The ReviveFlow A/V Switch is a breakthrough technology that “switches” blood flow between the arterial and venous blood supply systems – providing an “alternative pathway” for oxygenated blood to perfuse the brain during acute stroke.  The A/V Switch can re-establish the supply of oxygen rich blood to oxygen starved brain tissue during the critical first hours of acute stroke.

Because the A/V Switch from ReviveFlow can treat both ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke victims, it is uniquely positioned as the only comprehensive stroke therapy. 

The United States market potential for ReviveFlow’s novel stroke therapy is in excess of $2 billion per year based on the number of stroke events and the current reimbursement levels for tPA and other stroke related procedures


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