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News & Events

2009 Events:

  • Dr. Raul Nogueira from the Interventional Neuroradiology Department, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, has joined Reviveflow's Surgical Advisory Team. Dr. Nogueira is a national as well as international icon in the newly developing field of Interventional Neurology. His participation with Reviveflow is a new step forward toward the development of the BRAVO (Bidirectional Reperfusion by Arteriovenous Variable Orientation)  technique Proprietary to Reviveflow and is definitely a major add on to our think tank.
  • Reiveflow in coordination with an overlying University Laboratory, performs two feasibility studies in mice for its Proprietary BRAVO (Bidirectional Reperfusion by Arteriovenous Variable Orientation) technology. Both experiments were very successful and showed the unlimited promise of the BRAVO technology to treat various vascular pathologies in the near future. The results of both experiments were validated by, direct arterial retrieval of a venous injected dye, as well as Laser Speckle Imaging LSI.
  • Reviveflow submits an application to the United States Patent and Trade mark Office USPTO to obtain a Trade Mark on its Proprietary BRAVO Technology (Bidirectional Reperfusion by Arteriovenous Variable Orientation)

2008 Events

  • The original Reviveflow Patent is now in the public domain



  • And also online:



  • Reviveflow is currently in the process of performing animal study using its proprietary breakthrough treatment for stroke at Massachusetts General Hospital Neuroscience Laboratory


  • Reviveflow participates in National Institute of Health research grant for Stroke treatment


  • Eng. Aaron Gjerde in collaboration with Reviveflow publishes his Master degree thesis titled"Final Report-
    Prototype Development Plan for ReviveFlow Corporation
    The report is an extensive, near complete and step-by-step analysis that supports the revive flow hypothesis and reviews previous research done by Neuerosurgeons and Interventional Neurologists in the past. The complete report is listed on the resources page.


2007 Events

Reviveflow submits the first Patent application for its proprietary Arterial Venous Switching Methods and Systems as well as the BRAVO Technology, to the US Patent office, Through Nutter and Fish, LLP.





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